Chalos was created by two gods, from the remnants of the broken world of Tal’Rhi.
The gods, whose names even then were not known, strove to save Tal’Rhi’s populations of creatures from the dark abyss. They did it not so much out of the kindness of their hearts, but instead as a means to an end. They were consumed with the lust for power. Thus was Chalos created as a vessel for that end.
Tal’Rhi was a loveless world of hate and fighting. Plagued by disease and dark magic.
It was a world that had long been barren, the remnants of its races were snuffed out, one by one in plagues, wars and ultimately the travails of time. As each race neared its death the gods captured their life essences and established them on the unblemished Chalos. There they were left in benign neglect for a few thousand ages.
The world is Chalos. A place full of magic and mysteries, monsters and monarchs. Life is vibrantly thriving on Chalos even with the advent of the rule of an evil denizen by the name of Tyrael who controls the north west human country with thousands of skeletal warriors and an ever increasing army.